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Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. For this occasion at preschool we made the coolest little clover thing-ys. They were made out of green foam board material and I attached rainbow yarn to incorporate the leprechaun dudes. Then I let them go wild with sponges and gold glitter paint.

That equaled = MESS.

But it was fun. Although I did have to snatch the sponge out of J’s hand to deter him from sponge painting our classroom walls. Yes, J is crazy. But so sweet.

Of course, with all of this beautiful weather I went running and literally enjoyed pushing myself to run a couple miles. Now all I want is water. Much to my joy and happiness, my roommate who moved in on Saturday, named Kat (she’s from Thailand) has moved out. Sweet joy. I missed my privacy. Eleven. Count them, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven. This is how many days till my beloved Dodge comes to visit for his spring break. It will be a blast. We already planned to do multiple things. Hiking, running, swimming, eating, movies. Plus visiting my uncle in Syracuse and taking a day trip to Logan (possibly) to visit the Allens (love this family.) And I really wanted to show Dodge the cemetery in Brigham City which holds many plots of my ancestors. I love history. I wished I lived in it.

Brigham City Cemetery


Inspiration Board

I have been pretty busy today. I went to my church class and it was so great. I learned a few valuable things. I was thinking about a “secret garden” themed wedding and found this inspiration board on Snippet & Ink.


I realized that  this would be a very do-able theme for the kind of reception I am planning. My mom gave me this idea to ask members from my home ward if they would be willing to let me use their fake trees and shrubbery for the reception. I wonder how I could work in the “secret garden” idea? Also, I could feel a Pacific Northwest vibe occuring from the tree thing. So I looked into the flower of Washington State. It is a Rhododendron, which is a flower I remember seeing all the time at my grandparents home in Gresham.

Last night, our heater stopped working! My roommates and I bundled up in our sweats and opened our heated oven door. That gave us some heat in the front room, and finally after like a couple hours the maintence dudes came and fixed it. But now I have a runny nose.

Here is another inspiration board that I actually made:


I love the colors of fall especially in the beautiful Portland/Vancouver area. Also the bridesmaid dress wouldn’t be that dress but I couldn’t find anything modest that could be copied and pasted. But that is a color I like for a BM dress.

I want to incorporate a very “shabby-chic” theme but would like it to be inexpensive but charming. I think I can pull it off too. I’m excited to go home…Not much longer now.

Learning to Budget

Truth: Three things I love- Dodge, Taco Bell, Wedding Magazines.

Lie: I love being on my own.

Since I moved out in September, I have become best friends with my mom

Bright & Blue Mom

Bright & Blue Mom

Pictured here on the right ->

I was slightly rebellious in high school and caused traumatic stress for my wonderful parents. Thank heavens I’m through that phase! Also that is my dad in the picture with her. They were attending a BYU Football game in Utah. Go Cougars!

My current budget system works like this:

A) I get paid every 10th and 25th of the month. This month was my biggest paycheck so far (which doesn’t make sense since my hours were cut.) I first rejoice at the thought of actually not starving, and then get to work paying bills.

B) I pay my tithing. I pay my car insurance ( who is really my dad.) I pay my car payment (this is really my uncle.) I pay for rent if it is the 25th. I put between 50 and 100 dollars in my savings.

C) Now, I buy groceries, replenish my gas supply, and debate whether I need anything unnecessary. Usually I end up buying a few wedding magazines (my addiction.)

I found an amazing treasure though! It is called

It is amazing! It is a free personal finance thing that helps you budget! Now, I know everyone is wary of entering your personal bank information into a computer online, but trust me this site is secure. If you go to the site, and scroll to the bottom of the home page you will see three little logos. These logos are privacy and protection securities that uses to protect your personal information. With the personal information, it pulls all of your transactions from your bank account and shows you where you put your money. You can even receive text messages about how much you are spending. Also, you set budgets which show you visually how much you have left in that category of spending. It makes graphs and charts, and updates your money daily.

My cousin showed me and I was instantly excited to set my own account up. I mean really, don’t we all just want to save as much money as we can!?

Birthday Ring









This is the ring that Dodge sent to me for my birthday. My birthday was February 25th, and I was hoping to get the package on that day, which I think was a Wednesday. Well, we were talking early Wednesday morning and he said, “I’ll be sending the gift out today. It should be there around Friday.”

I was sad, but not too much. I arrive home from work around three-ish and grab the mail key to see if there is anything in the mail. In the small envelope box is the key to the big parcel box. I started to get really hopeful. And when I unlocked the mail box, a big package sat waiting for me. I was so excited! I called Dodge, saying “you tricked me!”

In the package were numerous gifts. The first was a funny card, that sang me a sweet love song (this gift was also part of Valentine’s Day.) Then a box of chocolate (yum!) Then I opened the small jewelry box first. This was the V-Day gift. The ring is so beautiful I can hardly take my eyes off of it. It is real amethyst, with white gold. The final gift was the pearl necklace that I so desperately wanted. It is so beautiful. I’m thinking the ring and necklace will go on to become treasured heirlooms in my family that I plan on passing down to my girls.

More posts on the way!





Invitation Station

Today, I decided to peruse the local craft store, called Roberts, in search of cute invitation paper to make invites with. They had some really great stuff . Awesome papers, cardstock…Cute stamps with little wedding things on it. I know it would be simple, but how on earth would I make 400! I want to order it in bulk but when I went to the source of the paper, I couldn’t find anything regarding large orders, or orders online in general. I may take a trip up the street to the mall. They have this great store called Archiver’s, which has tons of paper products.

I am falling in love with paper products. Move over Dodge!

I picked up the ring from JC Penney’s today. Let me tell you about it. It is A-MAZ-ING. Dodge sent it to me for my birthday/valentine’s day gift. But it was too big, so I had it resized to fit my tiny size 5 1/2 finger. Yikes! It is white gold, with an extremely large amethyst heart, set in a frame of small diamonds. It is so beautiful. My birthday is in February so he thought it would be appropriate to use my birthstone in the ring (amethyst.) Wow. I cannot stop looking at it.

And…there is more. The ring was really for Valentine’s day, and he sent a second gift for my birthday. This gift was something that I had asked for, and he knew I wanted it terribly. In another jewelry box, was a beautiful freshwater cultured pearl necklace. I plan on wearing it on the day we are married. And then when I tried the necklace on with my gorgeous wedding dress, it made it all come together.

I will most definitely post pictures of all these fabulous things, except my camera is charging so you must wait.

I’ll be back to tell you about my finds at Archiver’s shortly. See ya sunshine!

The Wedding Notebook

I created this back in November/October. I used a simple 3-ring binder and made a cute-sy scrapbooked notebook. I have about twenty tabs in it, ranging from budget to flowers to attire, and everything in between.

I think I found the idea from another book, but it is something so simple and easy to make. I like it because I can cater to my specific needs, rather than buying a wedding planning book from barnes & noble. And of course it is similar to my “bible.” I cut magazine pictures out and slip them into the page protectors. I have loads of paper in there in case I get good ideas. I write notes all over the place in it too! And it helps me keep track of any spending that I do for the wedding.

For instance, all of my receipts from my dress have been neatly stored in the protectors. Keep receipts!

I’m dying to view more wedding blogs. I love finding new inspiring ones on the web. It gives me more ideas.

Have you seen the lollipop tree? It’s part of the dessert bars featured in a few weddings I have seen. We’re talking intense.

Hello world!

I spend the majority of my time scanning wedding resources. I’m pretty sure I have about thirty-five recent wedding magazines under my bed…Addiction. What can I say?!

Besides that, I have come up with some nifty ideas, which have so generously been shared by the millions who view other wedding sites. I don’t really intend this to be a wedding site, but considering I’m planning for a wedding in October 2009, that is what my life will revolve around.

Shortly, about me.

I’m young, looking to spread my words, and a sweetheart.

That’s it. Thanks, more to be included every day!