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Problem: My dress does not fit!!

Reason: I think my lifestyle in Utah, compared to the one here in Washington caused that. I really don’t eat more now than I did in Utah. I ate a lot of Taco Bell in Utah which makes me almost want to throw up now. Yuck! But I really had no food in Utah because my budget was so limited. And I exercised a lot in Utah…

I don’t exercise too much lately, and I don’t eat a lot lately. In fact, I got so sick on Monday night that I lost SIX POUNDS! Which is crazy. Then again, I was throwing up every ten minutes and some other stuff was happening but that is a little TMI… 🙂 Luckily, I have Dodge who loves me. He brought me Sprite, crackers, water and whatever I wanted. Plus he got some medicine to help my stomach feel better. I had to miss a day of work, and that is no bueno considering how little money I have.

I’m really working hard at being a good student. The math class I’m taking is one I desperately need to pass so I try to get all my homework done the day it is assigned. Some of the information we learn in the class though is stuff I have learned fifty times already. I feel bad for those people who are struggling with the new information.

It’s gloomy out today, and I have raspberries to pick!!




Getaway Dress/Bridesmaid Dress

After my sister and I were perusing our local internet, we came upon a great store which isn’t located anywhere near my home.


But it is totally doable to order! First comes my getaway dress, because hello!  I can’t go gallivanting off in my super nice wedding dress!



And she almost looks like me. Now, that length may be a little short, but that is nothing alterations can’t take care of! The best part is that it is only $44 at Dehlia*s!!

Even better is the bridesmaid dress!



I’ve been looking into invitations and I found a really inexpensive option that has great stationary! I’m pretty sure it’s less than 100 days till Dodge and I tenatively plan on getting married. Then again we aren’t really engaged... Waiting

My Mind is Made!

I’m done changing my mind!! I have been flip-flopping between color schemes for the wedding but I finally have the decision set in stone!

The Color Theme!

I found this via 100 Layer Cake. Isn’t it just perfect! It has the right amount of vintage-y goodness, and ties in fall. I think I’ll use the darker pink “fig” as the main element with the others as accent colors. Also, I plan on using black instead of espresso. Or is that the same thing?

It’s been a while since I posted, but I’m really trying to keep up on it. I started workin’ a while back with the YMCA, as a camp counselor. It is a rough job. Plus I just enrolled in a class at Clark College. I’m taking a math class, and math is my worst enemy i.e. lots of studying!

Happy Fourth!

Blog Name Change

I changed the name of this blog for two reasons:

1) I had no idea what I was focusing on in this blog, and the title Bright and Blue just didn’t target anything = Boring

2) The budget that Dodge and I have set is $1000. While we’re not engaged (yet) we will eventually be and we know we don’t want to drown ourselves in the Wedding Industrial Complex.

So I am really thrilled about this change for the blog.

In my view, the budget of $1000 seems like an adventurous task. I can’t wait to find good deals! I can’t wait to have an awesome reception which focuses on the step that Dodge and I will be making with the love of our nearest and dearest beside us. What better way to celebrate our marriage, our commitment, our union than having a celebration with our family and friends. Really, that is all I need and want.

I also have a few ideas brainstorming, but we’ll save those till an engagement is solidified. It is a beautiful friday! Enjoy 🙂

Raspberry, Hedge Green, Black













This is the final color board change. This idea came from the inspiration to incorporate “raspberry” color in the color palette. And I was going to use raspberry, cream and brown- except Dodge wanted something other than plain old cream. He opted for green, and I tied black in too. I think it’s a really classy color scheme…

Coming soon- Favor ideas!!

Extreme Happiness

Last night, around 8:30, I sold my apartment contract at College Terrace. This is such an extremely important thing considering I will be going home on April 5th and really did not want to be paying for an apartment in Utah, while living in Washington. Plus, this means I can save more money!!

It’s Spring Break here and so my apartment is completely empty. It is so quiet and peaceful.

And a fantastic thing happened concerning Dodge. This change is something that made me so so so happy.

I’m so blessed.

Connecting Ideas

Let’s recall a previous post I made, about inspiration boards. It was the Secret Garden posting, and I think I have found a way to pull it off. 🙂

Remember the recent movie musical, Mamma Mia. I’m obsessed with it. I fell in love with Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) and Sky (Dominic Cooper.) Not to mention the beautiful island of Kalokairi, featuring the exquisite villa that Donna (Meryl Streep) owns and the quaint little chapel where Sophie and Sky were to be wed. Then I started thinking…

The dinner after the wedding was probably the sweetest and simplest I have seen. It was really about their friends and family being together to celebrate the uniting of two people. I started scheming on how to incorporate their details into the reception. The most tasteful part about the dinner was prior to the wedding, a team got together to weave flowers and vines into the ceiling. I think this would be possible with netting and it really wouldn’t require much expense either. Among the flowers and vines were little glass lanterns. I tried improvising. Possibly using the smaller wide mouth mason jars, with some wire and an LED tea light would work. Using white linens would create a dramatic effect too and then add pops of color with some bright flowers.

I love the way Sophie did her hair for the wedding. It would suit my hair perfectly.