My Best Friend

My Best Friend

The best description of Dodge: My Best Friend. This is us, during Christmas of 2008. I was using the new camera to take pictures of us at my family christmas party. Let’s talk about how much I love his smile.

How We Met:

In January/February of 2008, I was attending the Clark Singles Ward. Mind you, I’m an extremely quiet person and I don’t really step out of my social circle. That social circle rotated around one person, She Who Will Not Be Named (SWWNBN.) I was working on being really good and honest, basically trying to turn my life around. The first time I saw Dodge was at a Family Home Evening (FHE) night with our ward. I was sitting in the back with SWWNBN and just vaguely listening to the lesson. As the meeting closed, I saw Dodge, in the front row, stand up and talk to some other people nearby him. I instantly thought he was pretty cute, even with a back brace. 🙂

For about two months, I constantly tried catching his eye in hopes that maybe he would be interested. One Sunday, I came to church a few minutes late. I looked into the chapel, and finding it to be pretty crowded I averted my gaze to the overflow. There sat Dodge. The perfect opportunity.

I sat right behind him, knowing full well that he knew I was sitting behind him on purpose. When the time came for the sacrament hymn, I didn’t have a hymnbook. Dodge turned around, handed me a hymnbook and said, “Here.”

I said, “Thanks, uhh.” To this day I berate myself for that silly “uhh.” Dodge still teases me. I had planned on saying something more, but my mind literally went blank. So disappointing. Oh, and for the record, Dodge had taken that hymnbook from my seat originally. Thief.

Supposedly, Dodge saw me at Institute. I was incredibly shy when attending Institute and Bro. N would constantly direct all attention on me when I entered. But I never saw Dodge at Institute, even though he claims he even scooted over for me to sit by him. I was oblivious. Dodge also attended Clark College. I saw him there once or twice and was shocked to see him there.

Two months later… It is another FHE. My friend Derrick had persuaded me to go because he was giving the lesson. I went. The lesson was really great. It was on the atonement and at one point, Derrick said, “Now who would like a rice krispie treat?” Some people raised their hands, but not all.  Derrick passed out the treats to those who raised their hands, then said, ” “What if I were to say “who wants a piece of the atonement?”” Everyone realized that just like those great rice krispie treats, the atonement is a great thing that all should partake of. This was a really good object lesson, I thought.

Alright back on topic. I arrived to FHE about twenty minutes late (it was track season.) As I sat down, I saw Dodge look back and our eyes connected. Derrick passed out rice krispie treats, and I tried to devise a plan to talk to Dodge. Here was my plan: follow Dodge.

Sidenote: Through Dodge’s story here is what was going through his head. The day before that FHE, he had planned to ask me to go bowling with him and some friends. Those plans were dismally smashed by Bryce, who introduced himself to SWWNBN and I. FHE comes around and he is hoping that I show up. Of course as the minutes pass by, and with me not showing up, his dreams became shattered. When I arrived though, and he looked back, he pretended like he was looking at the clock. Dodge automatically proceeded to tell his friend, “She’s here!” (He was excited.) His plan was to eat the rice krispie treat then go out to the hallway to throw away the wrapper and hopefully bump into me while coming back in.

As you recall, my plan was to follow him. I followed his path, and when he came back into the gym zip zap zoop his plan worked. We bumped into each other and both recall his opening statement, “Hey, you go to Clark right?”

Yes, Dodge, if you recall we both go to school there. Silly silly. The rest as they say is history. He asked me to go bowling, I said yes. As I walked to my car after our very first conversation, my smile got bigger and bigger. Then I called SWWNBN and screamed in joy.

Bowling, by the way was amazing. He wore a Dallas Cowboys hat, leading to discover that we both are cowboy fans. And of course, he had the greatest smile. The next day our relationship took off.

And now?

We are best friends, even if we are a little silly.




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