Inspiration Board

I have been pretty busy today. I went to my church class and it was so great. I learned a few valuable things. I was thinking about a “secret garden” themed wedding and found this inspiration board on Snippet & Ink.


I realized that  this would be a very do-able theme for the kind of reception I am planning. My mom gave me this idea to ask members from my home ward if they would be willing to let me use their fake trees and shrubbery for the reception. I wonder how I could work in the “secret garden” idea? Also, I could feel a Pacific Northwest vibe occuring from the tree thing. So I looked into the flower of Washington State. It is a Rhododendron, which is a flower I remember seeing all the time at my grandparents home in Gresham.

Last night, our heater stopped working! My roommates and I bundled up in our sweats and opened our heated oven door. That gave us some heat in the front room, and finally after like a couple hours the maintence dudes came and fixed it. But now I have a runny nose.

Here is another inspiration board that I actually made:


I love the colors of fall especially in the beautiful Portland/Vancouver area. Also the bridesmaid dress wouldn’t be that dress but I couldn’t find anything modest that could be copied and pasted. But that is a color I like for a BM dress.

I want to incorporate a very “shabby-chic” theme but would like it to be inexpensive but charming. I think I can pull it off too. I’m excited to go home…Not much longer now.


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