Learning to Budget

Truth: Three things I love- Dodge, Taco Bell, Wedding Magazines.

Lie: I love being on my own.

Since I moved out in September, I have become best friends with my mom

Bright & Blue Mom

Bright & Blue Mom

Pictured here on the right ->

I was slightly rebellious in high school and caused traumatic stress for my wonderful parents. Thank heavens I’m through that phase! Also that is my dad in the picture with her. They were attending a BYU Football game in Utah. Go Cougars!

My current budget system works like this:

A) I get paid every 10th and 25th of the month. This month was my biggest paycheck so far (which doesn’t make sense since my hours were cut.) I first rejoice at the thought of actually not starving, and then get to work paying bills.

B) I pay my tithing. I pay my car insurance ( who is really my dad.) I pay my car payment (this is really my uncle.) I pay for rent if it is the 25th. I put between 50 and 100 dollars in my savings.

C) Now, I buy groceries, replenish my gas supply, and debate whether I need anything unnecessary. Usually I end up buying a few wedding magazines (my addiction.)

I found an amazing treasure though! It is called Mint.com

It is amazing! It is a free personal finance thing that helps you budget! Now, I know everyone is wary of entering your personal bank information into a computer online, but trust me this site is secure. If you go to the site, and scroll to the bottom of the home page you will see three little logos. These logos are privacy and protection securities that Mint.com uses to protect your personal information. With the personal information, it pulls all of your transactions from your bank account and shows you where you put your money. You can even receive text messages about how much you are spending. Also, you set budgets which show you visually how much you have left in that category of spending. It makes graphs and charts, and updates your money daily.

My cousin showed me Mint.com and I was instantly excited to set my own account up. I mean really, don’t we all just want to save as much money as we can!?


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